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Fury Spitfire Gaming Keyboard
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Become A Leader On The Virtual Battlefield Each gamer needs efficient tools, assuring dominance from the very beginning, for effective operation on the virtual battlefields and realization of more and more complicated missions. Therefore Fury brand includes, among other things, a series of functional keyboards adapted to the needs of gamers. Fury Spitfire The backlighted keyboard for gamers Fury Spitfire is a device assuring optimal ratio of functionality nad comfort of the game. Now each player will be able to control the game in a comfortable way and achieve even more in the virtual world. Backlight The multicolour LED backlight of 6 intensity levels (0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%) assures game comfort regardless the season and time of the day. MultiMedia Under Control 12 functional keys allow for simple and comfortable multimedia management without interrupting the game or switching to the desktop. Anti-Ghosting Functions And Windows Key Lock Even better precision in the game is assured by anti-ghosting function for most keys. Now, even after pressing more keys, we avoid hanging of the game or locking the device. The keyboard has the possibility of locking Windows key, which is particularly useful during playing. Locked Windows key does not react to the accidental pressing to prevent irritating situation of switching to the desktop in the least desired moment. Comfort For Your Wrists The lower part of the keyboard structure has been elongated to make space for resting the wrists and increasing the playing comfort. Moreover it is possible to adjust the angle of keys inclination with use of opened legs. Anti-Spillage Protection The keyboard is equipped with a system removing water in case of accidental spillage. Special grooves drain water outside.

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